Case Study

Salon Beacon – Agency Website


January. 04, 17

Salon Beacon is a service that allows hair solons to easily create custom professional business websites. Focused on clients in the beauty industry Salon Beacon required a clean modern glossy design. Through several iterations of design and development we built a stunning interactive website with an optimised conversion funnel.

Clean, Modern Design

We focused on creating a glossy magazine like design for Salon Beacon. We added some subtle interactivity to the elements to give them a dynamic feel.

Custom Branding & Media

In addition to a fully branded design, we helped create video image and design content to best showcase the Salon Beacon product.

Optimised For Conversions

Each element of the website has been carefully designed to naturally lead visitors through Salon Beacon’s sales funnel.

With multiple stages of optimisation we made sure each step of the sales funnel was simple and uncluttered with intuitive custom forms.