Case Study

RubyMine Tutorial – Sales Website


March. 20, 17

The RubyMine Tutorial needed a website to allow users to purchase, stream or download the video course. The course was targeted at professional web developers, so a vibrant digital design was used to reflect the technical subject matter. The site allows users to register and pay via credit card before logging in and streaming or downloading each part of the course.

Conversion Optimised

We used a single page layout for the site to give a fluid reading experience and boost conversions.

Free Course Registration

Users are able to buy the course or opt in for the free email course instead.

Easily Updatable Content

Using the WordPress CMS the site content and images can be easily updated without code.

Fully Mobile Responsive

With a large majority of visits coming from mobile devices our design was build with mobile first design.

The RubyMine Tutorial project managed to achieve an eye catching modern feel that streamlines the journey from initial visit to purchase. With easily updatable content and full analytics tracking of conversion goals, we built the site to streamline the process of conversion optimisation over time.