The Secret To A Great Website...

...is in the right team and the right execution.

Heres how we do it!

Our Five Step Process

1. Ideation
2. Wireframing
3. Roadmap
4. Sprint Cycle
5. Launch

How Can We Help You?

All our projects start with a simple conversation and some post its. The goal of this phase is to form a deep understanding of your needs and ideas.

  • High level overview of the project.
  • Deep dive interview about your needs and goals.
  • Expert guidance on how best to achieve your vision.
  • Ballpark estimate of the project scope and costs.

Fleshing out the idea…

We make wireframes of all our projects so we’re sure we’re on the same page. Here we can start to see your project come to life.

  • Brainstorming with high level wireframes.
  • More detailed specification of functionality.
  • Expert guidance on UX and usability design.
  • Transparent and comprehensive estimates with variable feature sets.

The road to success…

We take the full estimate and break it down into small executable chunks of functionality called ‘stories’. These stories get grouped together into mini-projects which are built in sequential 1-2 week sprints.

  • Full estimate broken down into separate user stories.
  • Features are prioritised and grouped into mini-projects.
  • We create a timeline of 1-2 week sprints until launch.

Lets Start Building!

Building the product happens through a series of sprints. Each sprint focuses on building a discreet section of functionality in a defined time frame.

  • Each sprint is a 1-2 week chunk of work.
  • Daily updates with progress.
  • Weekly formal showcase of our progress.
  • You test, give feedback and approve each sprint before moving on.

Its go time!

After completing all the sprints we will launch the project to a live server where it can be accessed by real users.

  • Final round of testing and feedback.
  • Final changes and fixes to project.
  • Deployment and celebration.
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates if required.

How We Make Great Websites

Custom Design
Growth Focused
Quality First
Modern Technologies

Professionally designed interfaces

Each projects start with sketches and post-its. This helps us focus on the business goals of the project and not the technology itself.

Our team of user experience experts and professional web designers will help you design a website that embodies your brand and delights your users. All our websites are mobile responsive and will look great on any device.

Built to achieve business goals

In order to interpret user behaviour we need to keep track of what your users are doing. Our websites are built to track key metrics and user behaviour as well as customer acquisition channels to help you analyse whats working and whats not.

All our designs are focused on increasing user engagement and moving user’s through your funnel.

Websites built to last

We organise our projects around agile development principles. These principles and workflows allow us to deliver clean fully tested code in rapid cycles called sprints.

We focus on providing software with a scalable maintainable codebase so you can avoid unnecessary rework down the line. Every project comes with full error tracking and we stand by our projects over the long haul.

Cutting edge technology stack

For our backend technology Ruby on Rails brings secure, stable products to market quickly and effectively.

React.js gives our applications the speed and interactivity of modern web interfaces such as Instagram and Airbnb.

WordPress gives us a fully featured and customisable CMS platform that allows you to update and edit your site on your own.

Find out how we can help build your website

We’d love to hear what your working on. Get in touch and let us know about your project!